Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer Vacation Predictions

It's the beginning of the Grasshopper's first real summer vacation (I don't count last year because he only spent a half-year in kindergarten), and he'll be spending most of it home with the Munchkin and me. I'm going to make the following predictions about the remaining 84 days.

There will not be:
  • Building a rocket (he's too young)
  • Fighting a mummy (though we might visit the one at the local museum)
  • Climbing up the Eiffel Tower (it's too far away)
  • Giving a monkey a shower (no zoo in town)
  • Surfing tidal waves (we're pretty landlocked)
  • Creating nanobots
  • Locating Frankenstein's brain, 
  • Finding a dodo bird (unless there's one at a museum I can't remember), or
  • Painting a continent

There probably will be:
  • Discovering something that doesn't exist (probably pretty often), and plenty of
  • Driving his sister insane.
  • (Keanu Reaves voice): Reading. Lots and lots of reading.

It's also likely to include his first visit to a gaming convention (Gen Con, no less -- day trip for an exhibit hall-only pass), plenty of board games, seeing his friends from school, and maybe -- just maybe, if the potential obstacles all get worked out -- becoming the youngest official D&D Next playtester.

As for reading: in the space of less than a week, he's wiped out most of the original sequence of Erin Hunter's Warriors books. He'll be a second-grader reading at an almost-4th grade level. Suggestions welcome.