Tuesday, October 11, 2011

On a Night In the Lonesome October: An Upcoming Blog Carnival

Inspired in large measure by the phenomenal success of T.W. Wombat's "Winter Is Coming" blog carnival, I'm going to see just how crazy I can go in the next month and try organizing one of my own. I've snagged the theme for this one from the title of a phenomenal book by the late Roger Zelazny, which he himself snagged from Edgar Allan Poe's "Ulalume". For those not familiar with the book, I will encourage you to run-don't-walk to your local library and check out a copy. I will otherwise note only that it was born out of a wager in which somebody bet Zelazny that he could not write a book in which the audience would root for a certain infamous Jack of the late Victorian era. (Image below the cut courtesy of the fabulous Mark Meredith.)

 What is it?
Like WiC, this will be a week-long blog carnival that will begin on Tuesday, October 24 and end on Halloween.

What am I looking for?
I'd like to people to contribute RPG-friendly material, for their system of choice, inspired by the carnival title, or any of the source material linked above. If it's scary, or campy-scary, or has tentacles and an unpronounceable name, I want it. If you're want to write about how to pull in any of the tropes used in the book (Warning: TVTropes link!), I want to see it. The doors are wide, wide open. I'll publish guest posts, or link to posts on your own blogs. While I don't expect that I've got any right to expect the amount of participation or creativity that appeared for Winter is Coming, I'd love it if that happened.

What do I need to do?
If you're interested, post a comment here or let me know on Twitter (@jffdougan) or via email (my twitter handle at comcast + net). I'm looking to publish guest posts here in a Man's Brain-Attic for the week of 24-31 October , so let me know if you're between blogs or interested in publishing outside of your normal venue. I'll be happy to host your work and not take a lick of credit for it, and you can say you're published on multiple blogs.

If you want to publish something on your blog, I'll maintain a list of links in the Night in the Lonesome October cover post to be published on 24 October . If you email me I'll send you the link when it's available.

If you're involved, all I ask is that you link back to at least the cover post and send the link in a shout out on Twitter. You're welcome to cross-post, comment, retweet and whatever else you want to do to promote yourself and your fellow blogosphere denizens.
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